by Linda on September 7, 2017

A utility knife


Seems the culture for using a knife started atleast two and half million years ago and were made from a variety of metals i.e. copper, brass, iron, steel and ceramics.


Their uses included hunting, carving and  eating. Knives were a tool as much as a utensil for eating.

As a utensil – the knife is quite useful but it was also a trap. During WWII, Americans could be discovered / uncovered because of the way they used the knife. Quite different from the Europeans’

From Dana Velden, author of

There are two basic methods for eating with a knife and fork. The “American” involves having your fork in your left and your knife in your right when cutting your food, then putting the knife down and switching your fork to your right hand to eat, tines facing upwards. (If you’re right-handed, that is.) With the “European” method, the fork remains in the left hand and the knife helps coax your food onto your fork. The tines remain facing downwards.



by Linda on September 6, 2017


Pink napkin in the center. Napkin in the center of the plate

Whose napkin is it anyway?

Is my napkin on the right of the place setting or on the left?

According to Emily Post (, this is where the napkins can be found.

“Napkin: The napkin is folded or put in a napkin ring and placed either to the left of the forks or on the center of the dinner plate. Sometimes, a folded napkin is placed under the forks.”

There is a caveat with this napkin information.

  1. The table setter needs to know where the napkins  belong in the place setting according to Emily.
  2. What about the fancy napkins. The napkins that are folded and displayed in a more decorative way?  Where do I find my napkin?  It is always on the plate or to the left of the plate.
  3. I sometimes love to put my napkins rolled to look like candle sticks in the drink glass – but that is on the right as in BMW. Bread – Main Meal – Water. –

A big thank you to and   Great photo’s – their sites have wonderful ideas.

Fancy – purple napkin folded with awesome peaks.



September 5, 2017

Tweet Etiquette requires the presumption of good until the contrary is proved.” ― Emily Post, Emily Post On Etiquette

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No work

September 4, 2017

Tweet What is more perfect on Labor Day than no work? No washing and drying of too many dishes and silverware Fancy napkins or not Making it pretty too! Seems the best way to make it pretty and no work is to use paper everything. Paper plates are a good starting place.  But paper utensils.  […]

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Business Slow

July 21, 2017

Tweet Business is Slow  – now what? Be tender with yourself during the slow times in your business. I  panicked all the time – Too much business – get it done, get it done, do it right, get it done. I panicked when there was too little business. Get more work, get more work, where […]

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Hopeful, tender and dedicated

July 19, 2017

Tweet Hopeful Tender Dedicated…. “To be hopeful means to be uncertain about the future, to be tender toward possibilities, to be dedicated to change all the way down to the bottom of your heart.” Rebecca Solnit is an American writer. She has written on a variety of subjects, including the environment, politics, place, and art. […]

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July 17, 2017

Tweet Be Tender Being tender does take a little practice. I would recommend you practice stoicism. Stoicism It is an ancient Greek school of philosophy founded at Athens by Zeno of Citium. The school taught that virtue, the highest good, is based on knowledge, and that the wise live in harmony with the divine Reason […]

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July 14, 2017

Tweet Outcomes Outcomes vs. activity. When the activity of practicing the violin matches the outcome of having a seat in an orchestra. Goal accomplished. But when business owners are so easily distracted by activity, and  miss our goal and  to wallow in the sea of exhaustion without accomplishment. It is bad…. It is so easy […]

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July 10, 2017

Tweet Meetings Make the meeting a SPAT meeting. Short Predictable Available Timely I think Dave Barry Sums it up well. ” If you had to identify, in one word, the reason why the human race has not achieved, and never will achieve, its full potential, that word would be meetings.” If you have to do […]

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July 10, 2017

Tweet Celebrate It is an important component of being a leader. It took me more years to learn about celebration than I would like to admit. As a company, I gave out a bonus as the end of the  year.  Yeah!! But so what? It was a complicated matrix – it took days to figure […]

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