1st one

by Linda on April 1, 2017

I signed up  – I did it!    But with a blue pen…..

A 30 day blogging commit or maybe 31 days, they added an extra day.  They talked me into it!  Paul and Danni did it again.  Here is what they said

“Day 1 – let your readers know that you are participating in the Ultimate Blog Challenge and that you will be blogging each day during April. and why you have taken on the Ultimate Blogging Challenge!  


Here is my Why – I really want to continue this after the 30 days.  But since I am a 2 x a month blogger may be, it was time to step up to the plate.


Three good reasons for me to do this

  1. I have not been very visible as a coach, author or speaker for over a year.  Family and other business commitments have distracted me from being visible.
  2. The practice of a daily commitment. Consistency in a business practice is very important to maintain contact with fans, followers and clients. I hope I haven’t lost too many of them  
  3. Writing is my biggest fear.  With my network of  family and friends filled with writers, actors, actresses, copy writers, playwrights, english teachers, and marketing gurus, I’m terrified.  Terrified I will  embarrass them, that they will disown me and never speak to me again.  Worse fear of the red pen!

So at the risk of a lonely, isolated life, I am writing.  

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