Dinner Conversation

by Linda on April 24, 2017

Who speaks first at a dinner?  You do!

The best way to start a conversation with your table mate is for you to ask questions.

But before you sit down, there may be a standing for pre-dinner drinks and conversation.

Any question, almost, will do. For starters for that conversation, ask simple questions and relax.

  • Problems occur when you talk too much.
  • When you don’t think about what you are saying
  • When you try to pitch an idea and are thinking about the end game

– take it easy –  almost one word at a time. Repeat that word if it makes sense to do that. The three words, “tell me more” goes a long way to learning about someone. You will hear a great deal of information about your conversation partner which could very well help you to grow your business.

At the dinner table.

Let’s start with your neighbors to your right and left.  If you don’t know them, ask how they come to be at this event.  Ask how them how they know the host/hostess.  The answers may surprise you.

Then if nothing rings a bell, you may continue the conversation with observations of your surroundings, the food, music, décor, other people.

There are four points to consider while conversing with someone.

  • Think about what you are about to say
  • Pay attention to the person and the expressions on their face
  • Look them in the eye when you speak to them.
  • Listening is the biggest gift you can give someone. In addition to being an important skill, it will make you memorable

Happy dining!

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Martha April 24, 2017 at 9:23 PM

Seems like our dinner conversations always turn into work convos. Of course that could be because when we’re eating out, my eyes always notice the window treatment or how the fabric is matched (or unmatched) on the chairs.


Linda April 25, 2017 at 6:16 AM

Thanks, Martha – love your roses


Eydie April 25, 2017 at 10:18 AM

What happens when you ask questions but the person(s) you’re with answers with one or two words and doesn’t continue the conversation? I always try to ask open-ended questions, but there are always those who don’t know how to keep the dialog going. Eydie 🙂


Linda April 25, 2017 at 3:15 PM

That is one of the more frustrating experiences of networking. It really is an open ended question issue. And, if the person continues to grace you with one or two words, repeat the word and say: “So you said,.blah… tell me more about that”. The second option is to say ” It was nice to meet you” and move on. The person may be having a bad day, is not good at this stuff at all, and or doesn’t want to be there.
Now the real question: It depends on how important this person is to you and your business. If you know that this person would be a good connection, I would ask for their business, contact them the next day and ask for an appointment. Keep selling :o)


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