Do not duplicate

by Linda on August 2, 2016

do not duplicte r4 copyStop acting like you live twice.” Gary Vaynerchuk
“Life is not a dress rehearsal!” How many times have we heard both of those quotes? Sometimes fear gets in the way. Sometimes we say to ourselves: ”Let’s just try it a little.”
Yoda says “Do or do not, there is no TRY “– There is only now: Do it or not; Yes or No. And there is no little bit. It’s an “all in attitude”. It must be a quote day because “Just do it!” came to mind.
It is amazing how many statements and reminders have surfaced as I write about Gary’s comment. We only live once, we must make the most of it. If we don’t choose to live our life and just watch; we’ll have lived the same five minute experience 2,682,000 times. Two million, six hundred eight two thousand times. And, it will go by in a second. At 80 years old, you’ll turn around and ask: “Where have the past 60 years gone?”

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