The Red Pen

by Linda on July 5, 2016

Why I am blogging?  There are actually three reasons why I’m blogging but one goal.

“Do one thing every day that scares you.” …. Eleanor Roosevelt

Goal:  write another book – a book of quotations.


  1. Reason one is to find the quotations, I love. There are many that have motivated and inspired me over the years. While inspired doing this research and reading the quotations, find the tools. My art pencils, pens, and watercolor brushes to illustrate the quotations have been packed away.  My mental artist’s tools too, especially my hands, and fingers have been gathering dust!
  2. Reason two – The Ultimate Blog Challenge – got me.  I’ve known Paul Taubman III for years, taken his awesome courses but have never bitten the bullet on this blogging thing. Does blogging really work and will blogging daily really increase my circle of influence? We’ll see.  I’ll get back at you on that.
  3.  Reason three – The red pen. Writing to me is more than a challenge. It is a fear, a huge fear I plan to overcome. As “Reason one” alludes, I have the brain of an artist. I bounce around.  When I open my mind to work, the creative mental umbrella opens with tons of ideas, things to do and awesome distractions. AND – when it comes to writing, I can easily find other “things to do”

And writing – O’boy –My mother-in-law, husband, daughter, and sister are fabulous grammarians with extensive vocabularies. My mother in law, Florence Friedman was the person Estee Lauder depended on for that last look before an advertisement was published.

Florence was kind enough to pass this talent along to my husband and him to our daughter. My brilliant sister the English teacher. She is another story. I guarantee you they each have a personalized red pen.  I love each of them,  I fear their red pen.    “Do one thing every day that scares you.”  Thank you, Eleanor , I’m still  here

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Cindy July 5, 2016 at 3:32 PM

LOVE that quote! It has taken me years to get back to writing, mainly because I feared what others thought, to avoid rejection, and I also convinced myself others were more qualified -that I had no business being a writer. Yet writing is my first love. I’ve written since I first learned to write letters. My kids are grown and I’ve decided to re-energize that spark. I can get published or not get published (though I’d really love to be published!); however, I will write what is in my heart and see what comes of it from there. Nice post!


Linda July 5, 2016 at 6:29 PM

I can so relate except my love was not writing. It is reading. There is a Poem by Calvin Coolidge called “Press On”, Find it… It has been on my desk for 30 years. Everyone I knew seemed to be more educated, more talented and brilliant. It will be your love of writing that will give you the determination, the verve. Can’t wait to read your book. It is worth every minute of your time and energy. Enjoy the process. Keep me in your loop.


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