by Linda on July 28, 2016

Brick Wall

“A successful man/woman is one who can lay a firm foundation

with the bricks others have thrown at him.” –

…… –David Brinkley


During a recent conversation with people in business group, we spoke about being tossed under the bus, getting the slings and arrows throw at you when you take a leadership position, and feeling all alone during a decision you’ve made or an action you’ve taken. 

      Whenever you take a stand, do good work or speak your mind, there is ALWAYS someone who speaks out.  They are not usually the people who are in the midst of the actual work.  They are usually the observers but not always.   

      Of course, you will make mistakes when you take a stand, and you may get tossed under the bus.  Mistakes are what bricks are made of.  It is a new brick for your firm foundation.

      You may be doing good work but if there is a dissenter. A person who protests your work, how you are doing it and how fast you are doing it.  It is an indication that another brick for your firm foundation is being forged.

      If you  speak out and people don’t like what you say, they may whisper behind your back, or with luck, with really good luck, they will say something to your face.  That’s when you have the opportunity to start the conversation. It is the outspoken who will help you be a better leader. Your work is to turn them into leaders, as well.  Help them. They have a concern and a passion for what you are doing.  Sign them up to help, as they are forging your bricks. 

They are the volunteer workers helping you lay a firm foundation.



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