Lazy Artist

by Linda on July 26, 2016

“No masterpiece was ever created by a lazy artist.” – Anonymous 

Lazy Artist (2)Lazy artist?  I keep thinking, I’m a lazy artist because it takes me atleast ½ hour plus to “settle down”.  Translated that means, the monkey chattering in my brain supplies “other stuff” to think about.

 The monkey likes problems to solve. Creativity is about solving problems. The act of being creative is an act of finding options to problems.

But it takes work and thinking in a specific direction to create a masterpiece.  Focus, focus, focus. It is hard work.

 As an artist wannabe we think, imagine, and delude ourselves into believing that if we open our paint set; take the cap off our pen; play our instrument, or dance that, we are creating a masterpiece.  We are not. We are practicing.   

 We need to learn our craft, act with purpose and grow our creative options.  It is hard work. 

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