No work

by Linda on September 4, 2017

Paper table setting

What is more perfect on Labor Day than no work?

  1. No washing and drying of too many dishes and silverware
  2. Fancy napkins or not
  3. Making it pretty too!

Seems the best way to make it pretty and no work is to use paper everything. Paper plates are a good starting place.  But paper utensils.  Haven’t met any yet.  Although I’m sure the more creative types have figured out how to get a test batch or two. I imagine the paper disintegrating after one or two swipes of the macaroni salad.

But paper is a great idea and it comes in so many colors. Red, white and blue the perfect color scheme for Labor Day.  Although a few black and white entries on Pinterest were quite lovely especially one by

Black and White labor day Picnic table setting

 One of the tricks for napkins, I love, is to use the work handkerchiefs as napkins.  They are awesome in two ways, first they give the message of labor, hard work.  I see the laborers working on the grid iron in the sky scraper of the Empire State Building in NYC. Second, those handkerchiefs are easy to wash and reuse.  No fancy Clorox, hot shot, or ox clean to get the stains out.  Just throw them in the washer and it works.

Make it pretty – It has taken a long time for me to grasp this concept.  We eat our food with our eyes first. Table settings are an important part of our food consumption.  Dining with friends is for the spirit, as well as, the body.

The other option for a no work labor day is to buy paper/plastic everything. When everyone is finished eating, sitting around sharing a glass of wine around the fire pit and no one offers or cares to clean up. After all it is Labor Day. Grab the four corners of the table cloth (depending on the number of dinner guests you may a little help), wrap it up in a big heap and toss it out.  Have a garbage can nearby. That’s a really good idea.   Then grab your own glass of wine and join your guests around the fire pit.

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