Pickles and Pitch

by Linda on May 4, 2017

Pickles and Pitches


 I’ve been told help you curb your appetite, they are low in calories and are super delicious.

Was I sold a “bill of goods”?  They are all those things and are questionable regarding curb your appetite.  I want more.  What are the secret ingredients that pickles have to make them so desirable?  You can certainly fill your stomach with pickles but it hasn’t stopped me from wanting more.

What a great sales pitch.!!! Pickles leaving me wanting more.  I just want more pickles, sweet and sour, sour dill or gherkins.  Do we pitch our product or service to make people want more?


Our “pitch” is certainly low in words.  The quick pitch for  “Please stand-up and tell us who you are”  is 20 seconds, an elevator pitch is 120 seconds or two minutes.  Giving us only 220 words +/- to get our message out in the longer opportunity.  Our message within this pitch has to be delicious.  We want people to listen. Writing a delicious message takes time.  It takes effort, work.  But, most of all, it takes time.  If you repeat the same message to the same people, you need to write a new delicious pitch.

The trick is not to have people curb their appetite for what you are selling.  A strong steady appetite for what you are selling is what our pitch needs.

We offer – Practice Your Pitch sessions to rejuvenate your business message help you write those 40 words in  a memorable message and then write a two minutes elevator pitch. Click here for more information

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