Powerful Professional Presence

     Being a Power Professional  – Tools for scripting your Business Life.  Learn the unwritten rules for the foundation of business success. A multi module program.

    Powerful Professional Leadership

 Leadership for the 21st Century …  From Control to Empowerment

Ideas to Innovation  …  Creative Thinking  and learn the  skills necessary to present the concept.  

 Skills for High Performance Teamwork … Communication skills, conflict resolution, problem solving and maintaining a positive environment.

  Powerful Professional Management

Core Sales Skills … The basics

 Principles of Partnership Selling … A Master Class

 Playing Beat the Clock? … Mastering the Art of Time Management

 Positive Approaches to Workday Challenges … Humor in the workplace

 Belligerent Battlegrounds … Conflict Resolution

 Rattle and Roll Under Control … Speaking in Public

  Ignite the Fire Within … Think Creatively

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