Creative Thinking Workshop

 You will learn how to explore creative avenues for yourself personally and expand on possible solutions to problems in the workplace.
This program will help you to:
  • Understand the importance of working in an inspiring atmosphere
  • Overcome creativity challenges with six powerful mental techniques
  • Nurture creativity by stimulating the senses
Who should attend: This program is designed for individuals seeking to expand their personal and professional way of thinking. For people who are looking for more!
By Linda Reed Friedman
PSU Center for Workplace Learning and Performance Partner

 June 16, 2016      9:00 am – 12:00pm


Hunterdon Shared |  33A Rupell Road, Hampton, New Jersey 08827

Cost: $59    


Please RSVP by Tuesday, June  14, 2016 to

or call  908-340-6598   or 814-360-1950

Testimonials – Renee At PSU

It got me to thinking about ways to use creative techniques and help problem solve in my work and in my personal life. Ideas to use first: Continue with the be/have/do list. the teapot with categories, going to try the compass technique with different questions  Renee @ PSU

Thank you! /great and challenging tools. I liked learning new ways and perspective for thinking about how to approach various life goals.  Information to use to grow career?: **This is the million$ question :o))  Use similes and brainstorming, oracle to help.  Halima @ PSU

Brought me out of my comfort zone and getting me to think outside the box| in a different way.   ann@PSU

Great ideas for me to implement  Jamie@PSU





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