He Stole My Roll!

by Linda on April 8, 2017

He stole my roll!

I was sitting at a fancy luncheon table with people, I thought were fancy people.

You know the kind, full of confidence, appear to know their stuff, successful in their line of work,

well dressed, hard working and great conversationalist.

I was chatting away with a well-educated, knowledgeable engineer table partner when he leaned over and took my roll.  It was the roll to his right.  Clearly, he was hungry.  Giving him the benefit of the doubt, I looked around the table. Was this happening for others at this very crowded table for 8?  Did someone else start the downward spiral into this etiquette faux pa?  But alas, no!  It was my table mate.  Within less than a minute the person across the table was waving his napkin asking – “Is this mine?”  The tabletop confusion had begun. Questions were being asked: “Is this my water, bread, roll, knife, fork, etc.?

The world did not come to an end because, table etiquette not used but, a few things did happen.

  1. Dinner Roll by Allrecipes.com

    My first impression of my tablemate was that he was brought up poor, that he wasn’t as educated as I thought his was, and I needed to be careful who introduce him to. I didn’t want to be embarrassed in front of future clients. This gentleman who I thought was totally together, and powerful, suddenly dropped a few rungs on my success ladder.

  1. It was sad to see that he was the cause of the disruption at the table. People may have been having intense conversations, closing a deal or excited about a new opportunity.  And, the conversation was side lined, it was changed changed.  The focus was now, water, napkins and bread.
  1. Respect your tablemates, If you are planning to be at the fancy luncheons, respect your table partners. Come prepared. Remember BMW.  When you sit down, the Bread to your LEFT is yours, the plate in the center will be your Main meal and the Water/wine/coffee will be to your right.  BMW – Bread-Main Meal – Water

Prepare a bit more – Be the conversationalist by reading the morning’s headlines in the newspaper. This way you can hold a great conversation and eat your own roll.  And don’t speak with your mouth full.  But, I’m sure your mother taught you that.

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Martha April 8, 2017 at 10:38 AM

Oh no, I would have slapped his hand! LOL Well not really but I definitely would have had to find another roll. I haven’t had this problem but I’m sure I will be checking out who’s taking who’s roll. I’ve always known the roll goes on the left but still see others picking the wrong one.


Linda April 9, 2017 at 10:28 AM

Thanks – I was thinking of slapping his hand but, that may have been a worse faux pa. We so take for granted the “rules of etiquette”, yet mistakes are made all the time. Some are really funny with just a little observation.


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