Other Peoples Pics

by Linda on April 3, 2017

Other Peoples Pics

I have a special file in my computer for other peoples’ pictures. The photographs shown here are the work of Donald Pflaster and Frank Banish.

Although it seems like I’m stealing, I’m not. In fact, I’m covered under the fair use act. More importantly, I’ve shared these photos with permission from the photographer/artist. I’ve given these two artists and others, space in my small lobby to show their work, and to acknowledge it in the press.

I seek out new artists at shows and in local networking groups. Everyone gets 3 months, a press release and an opportunity to sell their work. I love having the variety of visuals to share with people entering the building and I feel like I’m supporting the arts.

As an FYI regarding using other peeps pics.

Richard Prince has been grabbing images from Instagram, enlarging them and selling them in a NYC gallery for $ 100K plus. The link below has more information, it ends with the DIY Photography note.

As an artist, designer and business woman, I am sad.


Frank Banish

DIY Photography notes that Prince has been “rephotographing” since the 1970s, and if anyone does go after him, it won’t be his first time in court. In the past, however, he’s won, since his work (including these Instagrams) falls under fair use.

Frank Banish Don Pflaster Donald Pflaster

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